Schedule & Directions

***Schedule and Prices subject to change***


Welcome aboard the 55' topsail schooner "Capt Kidd"! She's a 19th Century replica of the schooners that once sailed the seven seas. She is a USCG inspected vessel that can carry a maximum of 28 passengers. We offer scheduled sails all year that are open to the general public. We also offer "private charters" for your special get togethers and celebrations. All of our scheduled sails open to the general public are 2 hours long. The following is a tentative schedule for departure times this year:

It is advisable to call 24 hours in advance to make sure these times are still scheduled.

***We start boarding 30 minutes before departure time.  You should be on board 15 minutes prior to departure
 time for the orientation.  WE DO LEAVE ON TIME!

Jan: Mon-Fri-4pm (sunset) Sat-1pm & 4pm (sunset) Sun-2pm only
Feb: Mon-Fri-4:30pm (sunset) Sat-1pm & 4:30pm (sunset) Sun-2pm only
March 1-March 11:  Mon-Fri-4:45pm (sunset) Sat & Sun 1pm & 4:45pm (sunset)
Time change March 12 at 2am
March 12-March 31:  Mon-Fri-6pm  Sat & Sun 2pm & 6pm
Apr 1-Apr 10:    Mon- Fri-6pm(sunset)           Sat & Sun 2pm & 6pm(sunset)
Apr 11-Apr 30:   Mon-Fri-6:30pm(sunset)       Sat & Sun 2:30pm & 6:30pm(sunset)
May 1-May 15:   Mon-Fri-6:30pm(sunset)       Sat & Sun-2:30pm & 6:30pm (sunset)
May 16-May 31: Mon-Fri-6:45pm (sunset)       Sat & Sun- 2:30pm, & 6:45pm (sunset)
June & July:     Mon-Thur-7pm (sunset)         Sat & Sun-3pm & 7pm (sunset) 
June & July      Friday Fireworks cruise 7:30pm ($45pp)
Aug 1-Aug 15    Mon-Fri: 6:45pm (sunset)       Sat & Sun-3pm, & 6:45pm(sunset)
Aug 16-Aug 31: Mon-Fri: 6:30pm (sunset)       Sat & Sun- 3pm, 6:30pm(sunset)
Sept 1-22:          Mon-Fri-6pm (sunset)           Sat & Sun-2pm & 6pm(sunset)
Sept 23-30:        Mon-Fri-5:45pm(sunset)        Sat & Sun- 2pm & 5:45pm(sunset)
Oct 1-15:           Mon-Fri-5:30pm (sunset)       Sat & Sun-2pm & 5:30pm(sunset)
Oct 16-Nov 4-    Mon-Fri-5:15pm(sunset)         Sat & Sun 2pm & 5:15pm(sunset)
Time change Nov 5 at 2am
Nov 5 - Dec 31: Mon-Fri-4pm (sunset)            Sat-1pm & 4pm(sunset)           Sun 2pm only

*Holidays falling on a weekday are scheduled the same as the Saturday times for that month.
**We are closed Dec 24, Dec 25 and Thanksgiving Day.



Capt Kidd is located across the street (Texas Ave) from the Kemah Food Mart (506 Texas Ave) located on the corner of Highway 146 and 6th street in Kemah, Texas. We are berthed on "A" dock which runs along the parking lot on the south end of the Kemah Boardwalk Marina. SEE MAP BELOW

Entrance to the boat is via a gate located at the S.W. corner of the marina. We are in slip A29, the 4th slip from the gate. (200’ from the gas pumps at the Kemah Food Mart). If the boat is not in the slip when you arrive, please wait as we are probably out on one of our trips.

For reservations please call 281-334-5433 (KIDD)

Hope to see you sailing with us soon!



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