Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are usually on board?
There is
To simplify ticket pricing, one ticket price applies to everyone boarding.  Staying competitive with charter prices nationwide, we charge less for an adult ticket than most charter companies do.  It becomes more affordable for a family of 4 with one lower ticket price verses paying separate adult and separate children's prices.  Everyone receives the discount!
eople may call and make reservations for any particular sail because, well.....we just don't know until the reservation is made!
Is there a bathroom?  Yes!  There is a bathroom although we call it a "head" on board.

Are babies and infants allowed? 
Yes, although the sail is recommended for 5 years old or older, we do allow passengers under the age of 5. Operating as a "head boat" we are limited to the amount of "heads" allowed on board. Every head that boards is considered a passenger and takes a seat so they are charged the same full ticket price as everyone else.

How many passengers can the Capt Kidd take?  
Capt Kidd can take a maximum of 28 passengers because Capt Kidd conforms to the highest standards of construction and safety set by the Coast Guard (yearly inspections). Capt Kidd is the only USCG inspected charter vessel sailing in the Clear Lake/Galveston Bay area.  Look for the USCG COI sticker to know you’re on a safe boat and know that’s it’s legal for the boat to carry more than 6 passengers.

Can I do a "bareboat" charter on Capt Kidd?  What is a "bareboat" charter?  What's the maximum number of passengers allowed on a "bareboat" charter?
Unfortunately we cannot do a "bareboat" charter on Capt Kidd because she is a US Coast Guard Inspected Vessel.  Having a COI(Certificate of Inspection) insures you are boarding a charter vessel with the highest safety standards provided in the industry overseen by the US Coast Guard.  We do offer private charters where you'll have the boat exclusively to yourself!
When you and your group charter a boat, (an uninspected USCG vessel) and you and your group are the only people on the boat, it is considered a "bareboat charter".  You have the right to choose your own qualified skipper to accompany you on the charter. The owner of the boat or the owner's representative cannot be on a bareboat charter. The charter company cannot tell you who your captain will be in order for the charter to be legal bareboat charters.  You get to choose!  Bareboat charters on uninspected vessels are limited to 12 passengers maximum with one captain.  A total of 13 "heads" is the maximum allowed capacity on a bareboat charter on an uninspected vessel.  Crew, cooks, navigators, children, etc, (any other heads on board) are considered part of the total maximum (13) allowed.on board.
You can charter a boat legally with a maximum of 6 people and one captain(total of 7 "heads maximum) on an uninspected vessel with the captain being the owner or the owner's representative aboard.
If you have questions concerning the legality of a charter, please call the US Coast Guard at 281-464-4780 or 281-464-4754

What is the minimum number of passengers that Capt Kidd will sail with?
Our minimum is 6 passengers for the day time sails and 5 passengers for the sunset/evening sails.  Capt Kidd reserves the right to cancel any scheduled sail at any time if reservations haven’t been received for that time. It’s advisable to make reservations if you know when you want to sail so the captain and crew can get the boat ready to go.  If you've made a reservation for less than our minimum and we don't get enough passengers signed up to go, we'll cancel the sail usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours before departure time.  If we cancel, you won't give us any money at the boat and nothing will happen to your credit card information. 
We'll just start over from the beginning and you can call us when you decide you'd like to go again.

How old is the Capt Kidd? 
Capt Kidd was launched in 2000.  She’s a 19th Century replica and was built specifically for the charter business.  

Why do I have to pay cash when I get to the boat? 
We’re able to offer you the lowest price possible by doing away with credit card machines and credit card expenses.  We don't have the facilities for Telecheck or credit card machines at the boat, so we don't accept personal checks or credit cards there.

Why do I pay the same adult price for a child?
To simplify ticket pricing, one ticket price applies to everyone boarding.  Staying competitive with charter prices nationwide, we charge less for an adult ticket than most charter companies do.  It becomes more affordable for a family of 4 with one lower ticket price verses paying separate adult and separate children's prices.  Everyone receives the discount!

Do I have to bring a life jacket? 
No.  Adults are not required to wear life jackets.  There are adult life jackets available on board along with children’s jackets.  Texas law states that children under 13 are required to wear life jackets on boats 26 feet or less. If you want your child to wear a life jacket they are welcome to bring their own or they can wear one of ours.

Is there dinner or lunch served on board? 
We don’t provide any food or drinks.  You are encouraged to bring your own with the exception of red wine or red drinks (staining qualities).  Adult beverages in either bottles or cans are permitted.  We provide a big community cooler with ice so we ask you leave your cooler at home so we have room.

Where can I park? 
There’s free parking along "P" dock once you drive past the entrance gate to "P" dock.  Designated parking places are marked with white stripes like any other parking lot.  Please park within these white stripes then walk to the North end of "P" dock where Capt Kidd is tied up.  Please use the walkways provided to get onto "P" dock.

What happens if the weather turns bad? 
If it’s bad weather, your captain will determine if it’s safe to go or not. He is the only one that can cancel the sail.  If it’s canceled you won’t pay any money at the boat and your credit card won’t be charged.  At that point we’ll just start all over again and you can call when you decide you’d like to go.  Cancellations may be a last minute decision as we've often seen the weather clear by sail time and are able to sail.  We will however, make every effort to notify our customers as early as possible if we think the weather won't clear up.  We appreciate your patience.

Will I get seasick? 
We’ll be sailing in Galveston Bay which is considered semi protected waters.  The Bay doesn’t have the same motion as offshore where most seasickness occurs.  If you have any doubts though, take some preventive seasick medicine several hours before arriving for your trip.  Give it some time to get into your system so it can work.  Very seldom does anyone get sea sick in the Bay.

How far will we go? 
We usually average 4 to 5 miles in an hour.  After an hour, we’ll turn around and head back to the dock.

**COMING SOON**-Due to construction on Hwy 146/Kemah bridge updated directions/detours will be sent via text messaging the day of your sail.

Please visit our schedule/directions page for pictures and a map!
From Galveston:  North on I-45 to Exit 7A/Hwy 146, Texas City.  North on Hwy 146 to Seabrook(over Kemah bridge) TURN RIGHT at the Dairy Queen (approximately 1/2 after getting off the bridge) onto Meyers Rd.  Straight to next stop sign.  TURN RIGHT onto MAIN ST. to next stop sign.  TURN RIGHT onto TODDVILLE RD to next stop sign.  TURN RIGHT onto 10th St. to next stop sign.  TURN LEFT onto FAYE ST going under bridge to stop sign.  GO STRAIGHT to enter marina.  This is the detour route due to construction of the Kemah bridge and Highway 146.  All North bound exit ramps are closed until further notice. Turn left after first speed bump to drive through gate.  Enter access code and park along "P" dock.  Walk to P6 (third boat slip from the gate) to Capt Kidd.
ALTERNATE ROUTE INSTEAD OF HIGHWAY 146-Take I-45 North exiting Nasa Parkway(follow directions below)

From Houston:  South on I-45 to Exit 24(Nasa Parkway Bypass).  Continue East on Bypass that changes into Nasa Parkway.  East on Nasa Parkway to Hwy 146(Bayport Blvd) turning right(South)0n Hwy 146 toward Kemah bridge.  Exit 10th St./Fay Rd. to right before going over bridge to stop sign.  Turn right at stop sign and enter Seabrook Marina. Turn left after first speed bump to drive through gate.  Enter access code and park along "P" dock.  Capt Kidd is docked the 3rd slip in from the gate in P6.  Park in front of the boat! (Please don't park in the covered parking areas as this is reserved for boat owners).

*Please note: MapQuest shows old location of marina office-This is NOT the location of Capt Kidd.  Capt Kidd is located on "P" dock  Slip #6-The first dock to the left behind the gate when entering the marina. (left after the first speed bump to gate)

Do's and Dont's


What can I bring? What shouldn't I bring?




DO BRING:  Drinks and snacks(Adult beverages are permitted-(bottles or cans)

Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, jackets, coats, blankets, towels, and cameras.  Bring your child's life jacket if you want them to wear one.(not required on Capt Kidd by Texas law).  They can wear one of ours if you don't have one!

DO NOT BRING: Pets, coolers, adult life jackets(a community cooler with ice is provided for you use) 

High heeled shoes or boots(you can wear them to the dock but, you will be asked to take them off before boarding)